Started by a Podiatrist, concerned about the cost of orthotics to the public.

Every pair of orthotics is handmade from impressions of your feet. They are the same as what you would get from a Podiatrist, but at about 1/4 the cost. You will be working lab direct, and paying about what the Doctor pays a lab. Don't be fooled by companies that use fabricated orthotics with modifications.

Dr. Bowden is Great!! Made me some orthotics to help with my Plantar Fasciitis. I was able to hike Kilimanjaro, with no foot problems.


  • 1. Order from website or call 801-830-6040

    2. Upon ordering, an impression box will be mailed to you.

    3. Take your impressions following the video instructions.

  • 4. Return your impressions, using the pre-paid label

    5. In a couple of weeks receive custom orthotics made from molds of your feet

    Enjoy, better feet!!

Custom Orthotic Foot Impression

How our orthotics are made