About Us

Custom Orthotics is a company that has been formed out of the need for a custom foot correcting device, that is readily available to the general public. It was started and is run by Dr Brent Bowden a retired Podiatrist, who recognized the need for affordable orthotics to the general public. Dr. Bowden has been involved in the treatment of foot problems with orthotics for over 25 years. Custom Orthotics has provided thousands of people with orthotics.  Custom Orthotics is a family run business.  Dr. Bowden was the Podiatrist for the Brigham Young University athletic department for many years. He has been a consultant to a commercial orthotics lab. By obtaining your orthotics from this company you are working directly with the lab and paying about what the Podiatrist would pay for the device. Custom Orthotics goal is to provide a high quality device at a fair price.